Dell delays XPS M1330 notebook

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Dell delays XPS M1330 notebook

Round Rock (TX) – Dell has said that, although it has begun shipping the XPS M1330 notebooks, “the process to ramp production has taken a bit longer than we expected.”

Specifically, said Dell digital media manager Lionel Menchaca in the Direct2Dell blog, the specific WLED displays used in the M1330 computers has hindered production time.

A couple weeks ago, Dell also had to suspend sales of its high-end XPS 720 H2C because of a shortage of processors.  Menchaca said the order backlog forecast for the 720 H2C was worse than the timeline for securing new chips.

Dell’s commitment to offering specially crafted computers has taken its toll on the company over these past few weeks.  Menchaca says that, for the M1330, the “unique nature” of the notebook requires Dell to “work through some additional manufacturing processes.”

Orders placed for an M1330 today are currently given an estimated ship date of mid to late August.