UPDATE: Mobile phones don’t have short-term health effects, says new report

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UPDATE: Mobile phones don't have short-term health effects, says new report

London (England) – A new report bashes earlier claims that cell phone transmissions could cause immediate health problems.

Researchers at the UK’s University of Essex took 44 people that were “sensitive” to mobile technology, along with a control group of 114 people in good health.

The participants went through periods of exposure to 2G radiation, 3G radiation, and no radiation.  Performed as a double blind study, meaning the participants and researchers were not aware which level of radiation was being used, only two of the 44 noticed a difference.  Five of the members of the control group were able to tell when the radiation was on.

Previous research suggested that these RF (radio frequency) waves could cause symptoms like headaches, increased tension, or even anxiety attacks.  The Essex study found no such effects in its group of over 150 people.

However, the study only focused on short-term exposure and short-term effects of the electronic exposure.  It’s still unclear what the effect is of cell phone emissions exposed to people over several months or years.