Most played console in June was…PS2?

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Most played console in June was...PS2?

New York (NY) – Step aside next-gen gaming systems, because the king of the last generation is still here to play, accounting for 42% of all game use last month.

According to a new Nielsen report, the Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation 3 scored a combined share of only 13.5%.  Nielsen’s data even showed the Gamecube at 5.8%, above the Wii.

Specifically, the Xbox 360 counted for 8% of game time in the US, with the Wii at 4% and the PS3 barely ranking in with 1.5%.  The original Xbox took second place with 17%.

It’s a new analytic research field for Nielsen that uses a rather unscientific method of just polling its existing 12,000 households in the Nielsen TV group.

Still, it underlines the importance of past consoles.  Though Nielsen showed the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube as three of the four most played systems last month, only the PS2 still has support from the company that made it.  Microsoft has stopped producing the original Xbox and Nintendo doesn’t even like to talk about the Gamecube anymore.

Nielsen also said that a total of 68 million people played console video games last month.