Massive scores big in-game ad deal with EA

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Massive scores big in-game ad deal with EA

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft subsidiary Massive Incorporated has scored a huge in-game advertising deal with Electronic Arts.  Starting in the fall, select EA sports games like Madden NFL 08 and NASCAR 08 on the Xbox 360 will feature streaming ads on virtual billboards and posters.

The ads will be streamed via Microsoft’s Xbox Live network when the games are idling.  The upcoming NHL 08, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and Skate will also have in-game ads by Massive.

Massive acts as a broker between game developers and advertising companies by assisting in the creation and support of the ads.  Game advertising is much trickier than traditional web banners because of the high definition 3D nature of many games (especially on the Xbox 360).  Gamers expect high quality content and a poorly made ad could conceivably turn people away from buying the product and even the game itself.

In addition to Electronic Arts, 41 other companies have struck deals with Massive.