Samsung launches Q1 Ultra UMPC in the U.S.

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Samsung launches Q1 Ultra UMPC in the U.S.

New York (NY) – Following the introduction of the device in Europe back in March, Samsung today launched its second generation UMPC on these shores.

The new Q1 represents an evolution of the original device that debuted in March of 2006. According to Samsung it incorporates user feedback and addresses especially simplified data input, more processing power, longer battery life and enhanced wireless connectivity.

See Samsung’s Q1 Ultra UMPC in detail here …On the processor side, the Q1 Ultra is available with Intel’s A100 (600 MHz) or A110 (800 MHz) processor, which are essentially Pentium M CPUs with the 90 nm Dothan core. Combined with 1 GB of memory, and a 60 GB hard drive, the Ultra’s battery will power the 1.5-pound UMPC for about 4.5 hours, Samsung said.

On the wireless side, Wi-Fi an Bluetooth can now be complemented with a factory optional 3.5G HSDPA cellular modem – a feature that was planned to be integrated already in the first generation of UMPCs. Also new is a webcam, an extra 1.3 megapixel digital camera as well as an upgraded screen that now displays 1024 x 600 pixels. There is also an integrated, split-QWERTY keypad that is located to the left and right of the LCD.

According to Samsung, the Q1 will run Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows XP Tablet Edition. However, we were told by Intel that while the A100/A110 processor may be powerful enough to run the basic operating system interface, they will not be able to display Microsoft’s new AeroGlass interface.

Pricing for the Q1 Ultra begins at $800. Equipped with WWAN, GPS and other goodies, the price tag quickly tops $1000.