Dude, your MacBook is on fire!

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Dude, your MacBook is on fire!

Culver City (CA) – The Apple MacBook would seem to be at risk of spontaneous combustion the same as many other types of notebook, despite claims by Apple that the Lithium Polymer type of battery used in the MacBook and MacBook Pro line of notebooks is far less likely to explode compared to the faulty type of Sony battery found in exploding Dell, Lenovo and other manufacturers products.


A MacBook user calling himself mattyB was woken in the middle of the night by a barking dog and the calls of his roommate after his MacBook, which had been charging, burst into flames. The MacBook had been experiencing some odd battery behavior previous to the explosion.


“I have noticed for the past 3 weeks [that] the battery life has been poor. I was only getting an hour to an hour and a half from it (compared to over 3 hours [in normal operation]).


“I also noticed the battery symbol had an X showing a couple of times but a restart would sort that out. One last thing I noticed over the last few days was when the battery was fully charged and on the power, it would flicker between 99% and 100% constantly. Nothing would fix this and I was planning on getting it looked at very soon.”


The MacBook was rendered completely unusable by the fire, with most components either melting or being otherwise damaged in the fire. The user was lucky, as his fire alarm didn’t go off and it was the barking dog that alerted people to the fire.

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