PSP redesign on the way

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PSP redesign on the way

London (England) – A new, smaller version of the PSP is in the pipeline, according to recent comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) executive Ray Maguire.

The PSP, which recently celebrated its second anniversary, is considerably more bulky that its main competitors from Nintendo, the GBA and the DS.  However, it has been praised for its large screen, which Maguire said would not change in the new design.

The current PSP is just the “first iteration”, said Maguire, according to  A “smaller, lighter” version is on the way.  Maguire went on to draw a comparison to Sony’s previous consoles, the Playstation and PS2, each of which have gotten a redesign that makes them sleeker and, in the case of the PSOne, cut the cost.

Maguire did not say anything about the potential for a PSP price cut, which has held its $250 price point for a bundle package since it premiered in early 2005.  The $200 price for a standalone version of the system has also remained since it was introduced about 16 months ago.