Burning DVD remote prompts Best Buy recall

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Burning DVD remote prompts Best Buy recall

Minneapolis (MN) – Best Buy has issued a voluntary recall of nearly 10,000 remotes that came bundled in its DVD players after it was reported that the remote could overheat, causing a burning hazard.

The remote in question comes packed in with an Insignia DVD player/100W shelf system.  Insignia is Best Buy’s licensed brand for low-end electronics.  The affected model number is NS-A1113, which is printed on the front of the player.

The overheating problem only occurs if the batteries are entered backwards.  Consumers who own the affected model, regardless of when it was purchased, can call a specific toll-free number to receive a free replacement.  That number is 888-809-7022.

The player is no longer available at, but during its retail existence it sold from between $80 and $150.