Wing Commander makes a comeback on Xbox Live Arcade

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Wing Commander makes a comeback on Xbox Live Arcade

Culver City (CA) – Old-time gamers who remember EGA graphics and tweaking expanded memory settings are sure to rejoice the comeback of Wing Commander. Electronic Arts is bringing back the classic space game, which pitted humans versus the cat-like Kilrathi, to the Xbox Live Arcade. The game will feature up to 16-player deathmatches and the best players can compete and climb up a ladder board ranking system.

Unlike the traditional games, Wing Commander Arena is purely focused on shoot-em-up combat rather than extensive exploring and missions. There will be single player and free-for-all type matches along with some team play. Players can customize their ships and fire traditional weapons like torpedoes and gravity bombs.

Electronic Arts says Wing Commander Arena will be available this summer. There’s no word about Mark Hamil making a special appearance.