Tech firm working on paperless boarding passes for mobile phones

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Tech firm working on paperless boarding passes for mobile phones

London (England) – A European IT company is working on developing a new technology that would make paper boarding passes a thing of the past.  RT-MobiTicket is one of the company’s latest products under development, and it would allow fliers to download their boarding pass to their cell phone.

Real Time Engineering is a firm specializing in technology-based management of utilities and transportation.  It is working with specialty mobile software group Mobiga on the new project, which it says could be easily integrated with any major airline’s check-in system.

According to the companies, the mobile platform would allow the boarding pass to be visible on the cell phone such that a barcode scanner would be able to read it just like a normal boarding pass.  It would eliminate the need to keep track of the crucial piece of paper.  No announcements have yet been made regarding a partnership with any major airline.  

Real Time Engineer technology manager Alastair Deacon pointed out it would offer more than just a more convenient check-in experience.  “RT-MobiTicket also provides airlines with opportunities to enhance the passenger service through mobile updates, or to generate additional revenue from premium check-in services,” he said.

The ability to print off boarding passes from home and bypass the check-in counter was the last major update to the airline industry, but some travelers have been slow to accept the new technology.  According to an Accenture survey last June, only 48% of passengers regularly check-in for their flights online.