Nintendo officially ends Gamecube support

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Nintendo officially ends Gamecube support

Redmond (WA) – With Wii sales bringing Nintendo back into the limelight, the company has now stopped working on new titles for the Gamecube, according to a snippet from an interview with Nintendo’s VP of corporate communications.

GameDaily Biz recently talked with Nintendo of America’s Perrin Kaplan, and she confirmed what was already widely speculated – the Gamecube has been set aside so the company can focus exclusively on its new cash cow, the Wii.

“Are we producing any more GameCubes? No,” said Kaplan in the interview.  She went on to draw a comparison to Sony, though, and said that like the PS2, the Gamecube is still going to stay in stores for first-time buyers.

The difference, though, is that PS2 games are still being produced.  Sony is even still making first-party titles for its former system.  Nintendo and Microsoft both were more anxious to get to their next platform and devote full support there.

In response to Kaplan’s comments, a Nintendo UK spokesperson said that although no new Gamecube titles are in the pipeline, the company is still devoting resources to the old format.  “I can confirm that globally, Nintendo is still continuing production of GameCube hardware and GameCube software,” he said in an interview with

However, in stores across the country, the Gamecube section is shrinking to near the point of non-existence.  Meanwhile, like Nintendo originally promised, its handheld market is not heading the same way.  Support for both the GBA and the newer Nintendo DS remains strong.