Avaya working on incorporating VoIP with Google Apps

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Avaya working on incorporating VoIP with Google Apps

San Francisco (CA) – Corporate communication services company Avaya today said that it is working on moving its Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to the Google Apps suite of online software.

Avaya said it is planning to offer its IP Office software in the newly announced Google Apps Premiere Edition, a $50/year version of the Google Docs/Spreadsheets/Calendar package that is available to general users for free.

The integration will go beyond just including a new product to Google Apps.  Avaya said it plans to link its VoIP technology with Google’s IM application, Google Talk, and it is working on using the Google Apps platform to offer e-mail, instant messaging, and Internet-powered voice mail and faxes.

Avaya is working on the Google Apps integration via the application programming interface (API) tools that are available in the premier edition and says it will be ready for consumers to use by the end of the year.