Windows Defender fails spyware test

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Windows Defender fails spyware test

Culver City (CA) – Windows Defender, Microsoft’s built-in anti-spyware application in Windows Vista, has failed another security test. Enex Test Labs in Australia found that Defender only blocked 46.6% of spyware and found 53.4% during a full computer scan. Anti-spyware software from PC Tools, the Australian company that commissioned the test, blocked 83.3% and found 88.7% during a full scan.

PC Tools claims the tests were not rigged in anyway and says it let Enex Test Labs pick the spyware to be used against Windows Defender. Back in January, another computer security company, Webroot, ran a similar test and said that Defender only found 16% of spyware. In that test, Webroot itself picked the spyware samples and some security researchers said the small 25 spyware sample wasn’t enough to garner an accurate assessment.

Windows Defender is included in all versions of Windows Vista, but it can also be downloaded for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.