Adobe releases Lightroom 1.0

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Adobe releases Lightroom 1.0

Culver City (CA) – Adobe has officially its RAW/JPEG editing and organizing application, Lightroom 1.0. The program is meant for professional photographers, like wedding or sports photographers, who have to manage and show thousands of RAW images. It has basic editing tools and extensive meta-data tagging and ranking.

We’ve been beta testing Lightroom for the past few months and have been impressed with RAW workflow. Traditionally RAW pictures required initial corrections to exposure and color and then a final edit with Photoshop or similar editing program. Lightroom does integrate all that into a single package, but some photographers will probably still need Photoshop for major edits.

Adobe claims that over 500,000 people took advantage of the free open beta test of Lightroom. The beta will expire on February 28th. Adobe is offering Lightroom 1.0 for an introductory price of $199 which will rise to $299 after April 30th. Lightroom 1.0 works on both Mac and Windows computers.


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