Quanta confirms orders for one million OLPCs

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Quanta confirms orders for one million OLPCs

Culver City (CA) – Quanta, a major Taiwanese notebook pc maker, has confirmed that it has received orders for one million units of its OLPC, more commonly referred to as the “$100 laptop”. The Taiwanese company will be cranking up production and hopes to sell even more laptops to third-world and developing countries.

The $100 laptop up close and personal …

OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child and is the brain-child of MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte. The OLPC is an inexpensive laptop computer that acts as a wireless mesh router to provide communication to outlying areas. Back in January, TG Daily had an upclose look at the laptop at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. You can read the article here.

The laptop actually costs around $130 to $140 to produce, but Quanta hopes to eventually drive the cost down to $100 as more laptops are produced. Quanta claims that it will probably sell five to ten million laptops this year because seven nations, including Argentina, Brazil and Thailand, have signed up for orders.