Kodak launches image printing service for cellphone cameras

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Kodak launches image printing service for cellphone cameras

Rochester (NY) – Kodak today announced a partnership with Exclaim, which will enable the company to offer a new image printing service that aims to take advantage of the increasing image quality of pictures that are taken with cellphone cameras.


The Kodak “Mobile Link” is making its way to services that operate on CDMA and to phones that are compatible with Brew-based software. It allows users to automatically upload pictures and video taken with a cell phone camera to Kodakgallery.com, which is essentially an online version of the company’s Easyshare software. 


After uploading pictures, users can edit them, order prints, and purchase other items that can be personalized with digital images.  The mobile application also lets users browse and manage their Kodak Gallery accounts.  Accounts can be created directly from the software. 


Kodak Mobile Link is offered as a subscription-based application for a monthly fee of $4 to access it.  Sprint and Verizon are the major carriers to already provide support for the service and Kodak says more providers will offer it by the end of the first half of this year.


The new application makes Kodak the first photo company to tap into the cellphone camera market with a specialized mobile software platform.  Exclaim also offers an independently published application for on-the-fly editing and printing of cellphone pictures.