Internet grows to more than 108 million sites

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Internet grows to more than 108 million sites

Chicago (IL) – The Internet continues its rapid pace of growth. Netcraft reports that 1.93 million sites came online during the month of January, bringing the grand total to 108.8 million.

Microsoft is gaining traction in the market and is taking shares from Apache. According to Netcraft, Microsoft’s Internet Information Server added about 935,145 sites, for a total of 33,833,566, in January. Apache-driven sites declined by about 442,540 to 63,869,543. Apache servers ended the month with a market share of 58.7%, the lowest level since September 2002, which listed the software at 59.9%. Since then, Apache was able to keep its market share consistently above the 60% mark and expand its lead to 68% in January 2006.

Microsoft’s IIS is currently estimated to hold a market share of 31.0%.