New PS3 demo, PSOne game hit Playstation Store

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New PS3 demo, PSOne game hit Playstation Store

Culver City (CA) – Updating its small list of PS3 demos for the console’s online digital store, a playable preview of Full Auto 2: Battlelines will make its way to the Playstation Store by the end of the day.  Also making a debut to the store are the Playstation classic Destruction Derby and Sony Pictures movie trailers.

The free demo of Battlelines will log in somewhere around 600 MB and offer PS3 owners a taste of the driving-based shooter game that came out in December.  The actual game retails for $60.

Also available today is Destruction Derby, also a classic car smashing title that made its Playstation debut originally in 1995.  It is available as a PSOne classic for PSP, meaning that users will need to access the download from the PS3 while connected to a PSP.

One or two Sony Pictures trailers are also going to show up in today’s update.  As with all game and movie trailers, downloads will be kept under 100 MB and are free.

This week’s Playstation Store update brings the first new PS3 demo to the console since the preview of Gran Turismo HD went live in January, and it marks the first simultaneous release of a PS3 demo and a PSOne classic for the PSP in the new year.