Valentine’s Day emails hiding viruses and rootkits

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Valentine's Day emails hiding viruses and rootkits

Culver City (CA) – Valentines’ Day isn’t all about hugs and kisses and some hackers are taking advantage of the day by sending virus and rootkit-laden emails masquerading as love letters. According to anti-virus vendor Panda Labs, hackers have retooled the week-old Nurech.A virus into a tougher Nurech.B variant that installs a worm and then uses a root to hide its presence. Nurech.B also tries to disable antivirus and antispyware applications.

The emails are disquised with catching subject lines like “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “Valentine’s Day Dance” and contain an executable attachment. The attachment contains the actual worm payload and replicates on the victim’s hard drive.

It’s amazing to us that people are still opening strange executable attachments, but apparently there are still some overly trustworthy people out there. Panda Labs is warning folks to not open any attachments unless its been scanned with antivirus software. Not surprising, the company says its TruPrevent security suite will protect users against both strains of the Nurech worm.