New Adobe Flash Lite adds video

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New Adobe Flash Lite adds video

Barcelona (Spain) – Adobe today announced that its next version of Flash Lite. The condensed version of Flash technology designed for cell phones will include support for video playback on mobile platforms. 

The announcement came today at the 3GSM world conference in Spain, as Adobe puts the finishing touches on the new platform that will allow Flash-based movies to play on cell phones.
Expected to be available some time in the next few months, Adobe Flash Lite 3 will support the same formats that the main Adobe Flash Player does, and will allow seamless execution of Flash-based videos on mobile browsers, according to Adobe.
The move to allow this technology on cell phones is highlighted by the increase in popularity of sites like YouTube and MySpace, which deliver all their videos in Flash format.  Because mobile Internet historically has been unable to play these kinds of videos, mobile providers have been looking to introduce proprietary platforms that will allow cell phones to access the content.
Adobe says developers are already working with the new platform, and expects handsets that support the new version of Flash Lite to be available before the end of the year.