IBM proclaims new era of speech technology

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IBM proclaims new era of speech technology

New York (NY) – Voice recognition technology has reached a new era – that is if you want to believe IBM. The venerable tech giant demoed several new products at the annual IBM Speech Technology Innovation Day in New York which include audibly controlling radios and navigation systems.

IBM introduced voice recognition products ten years ago and is known for its ViaVoice software. It now develops ViaVoice along with higher-level software for enterprises and government agencies. While early software had problems with noise and regional accents, IBM claims it has overcome many of those limitations.

The company is collaborating with several vendors to integrate ViaVoice into hardware. Avoca Semiconductor will be adding the software into its digital entertainment devices while Pioneer will use ViaVoice in its AVIC-Z2 navigation systems. Alpine, a car electronics giant, will also be using ViaVoice in its DVD-based nav systems.

Of course other companies like Microsoft are also working on voice recognition, but to varying degrees of success. Many will remember Microsoft’s disastrous live demonstration of Vista’s voice recognition technology that had news reporters rolling with laughter. You can view that video here.