Motorola debuts bendable cell phone

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Motorola debuts bendable cell phone

Motorola has shown off a new bendable cell phone at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona. The Motorola Z8 is a slider-type phone that actually bends to take the shape of your head. Cnet has some of the first pictures.

After expanding the slider portion outwards a small hinged is exposed that lets the phone bend inwards towards your face. Presumably the Z8 would be more comfortable than traditional “flat” phones and it might be easier to keep on your head with your shoulder, something busy professionals have tried to do for ages.

The phone isn’t just bendable and can hold its own in the feature department. A 35mm x 50mm screen can show up to 16 million colors and display 30 frames-per-second video. The back of the camera has a two megapixel camera.

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