eBayers cash in on NASA scandal

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eBayers cash in on NASA scandal

Culver City (CA ) – Inventive eBay users are taking advantage of NASA’s astronaut scandal by selling autographed photographs of astronaut Lisa M. Nowak along with other humorous merchandise. One 8 X 10-inch photo being sold by “lolavanbean” is currently fetching $10,000 and the price could go much higher. Other eBay users are selling “Astronaut Love Triangle” shirts and even Nowak-branded Astronaut diapers.

Nowak was arrested last week for driving from Houston to Orlando to allegedly hunting down rival astronaut and U.S. Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman. Nowak and Shipman were both vying for the affection of another astronaut and Nowak apparently decided to take out the competition. She peppered sprayed Shipman and prosecutors allege that Nowak was planning to murder her rival. Nowak was also carrying a BB pistol and a knife, rubber tubing and garbage bags were found in her car.

According to “lolavanbean” the photograph was autographed during a Wired Nextfest event in New York back in September. “Lisa signed the picture in black sharpie “To Nathan, Lisa M. Nowak, STS 121 (her mission ot the International Space station). My son Nathan is 18 months old and the proceeds will go towards his college savings plan,” said the seller.

For those of you who want a piece of history, but don’t have $10,000, you may want to look into Nowak-branded diapers. Police say Nowak wore diapers on her drive so that she wouldn’t have to stop for restroom breaks and now diapers with various logos and sayings are also being sold on eBay. One diaper has a drawing of an astronaut on the front. You can view that auction here.

You can view the autographed Lisa M. Nowak photograph auction on eBay here.