Time Warner enters second battle against DirecTV ads

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Time Warner enters second battle against DirecTV ads

Washington (DC) – DirecTV’s popular ad that parodies the Back to the Future movies is the target of Time Warner’s latest legal attack, as the #2 cable provider claims that DirecTV inaccurately depicts its HD capacity, reports the Associated Press.

In the ad, DirecTV says that “in the future” it will have three times more HD bandwidth than cable.  Time Warner has fired back in a suit filed at a Manhattan federal court, saying that the forward-looking statements unjustly assume what the future of cable will offer.  For example, cable could increase its capacity to offer 200 HD channels in the near future, says Time Warner in its complaint.

“Accordingly, DirecTV’s claims that it will have three times more HD capacity than cable ‘by carrying 150 HD channels’ in the future is false and misleading,” said Time Warner senior network engineer Ronald Boyer.  The cable provider has asked for an immediate, preliminary injunction to block the ad.

Just a few days ago, Time Warner won in a lawsuit against DirecTV that forced the satellite provider to pull ads that claimed it provided “an HD picture that can’t be beat” in markets where Time Warner Cable is available.

“We believe this is just another example of Time Warner’s frustration that they cannot compete in the marketplace with DirecTV so they have resorted to the courts,” said DirecTV PR exec John Gieselman.


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