Music companies sue man for downloading five songs

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Music companies sue man for downloading five songs

Augusta (Maine) – An Augusta, Maine man is in hot water with the music industry after downloading five songs. 23-year-old Scott Hinds has been sued by the Recording Industry of America for illegally downloading the songs through peer to peer networks and now faces a $750 civil penalty for each song.

The RIAA recently launched another massive crackdown on pirated music by issuing dozens of fresh lawsuits. The industry group routinely sues downloaders and has filed more than 18,000 complaints. Many defendants choose to settle for the standard $3000 instead of going through a long legal battle. It’s difficult to find a decent attorney who is well versed in online copyright laws and the retainer fee can often cost more than the settlement offer.

Hinds doesn’t yet have a lawyer, but it looks like he may fight the complaint. According to the Associated Press, he doesn’t think the downloading is a big deal adding, “Every single person has done this.”


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