Kodak jumps into desktop printers, sells ink for $10

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Kodak jumps into desktop printers, sells ink for $10

Rochester (NY) – Kodak today announced its plans to launch a series of inkjet printers next month, officially entering the race currently dominated by HP, Canon, and Lexmark, after years of talking about the possibility of getting into the printer market. Kodak plans to make its mark in the business by offering inexpensive ink cartridges that will cost less than half of most of the products currently on store shelves.

March will kick off Kodak’s new inkjet initiative, with three “All-in-One” printers, each of which will include a scanner and copier and range in price from $150 to $300.

According to Kodak, ink cartridges for the new printers will be priced at $10 and $15 for black and color, respectively. These prices are as much as 70% less than what a replacement cartridge would cost for a printer from any of the big companies currently in the market. More cost-effective use of technology would allow Kodak to still earn respectable profits on the ink, according to a company spokesperson.

Kodak, which was once the powerhouse of cameras and films, had a tough transition to the digital era, but has since turned around and began recording profits due to the success of its line of digital cameras and EasyShare printer docks. Kodak remains the leader in sales of standalone printing devices for digital cameras, but it remains to be seen if it can hold its own in the more traditional printer market, an area with which it has no experience.

According to Reuters, the printers will initially be sold exclusively through Best Buy, with a more widespread retail rollout planned for the fourth quarter of 2007.


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