Microsoft: Claims of Vista breaking games "grossly overstated"

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Microsoft: Claims of Vista breaking games "grossly overstated"

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft has reacted to accusations of casual game publisher that claimed that Windows Vista is breaking at least 90% of games in the market, mainly due to the operating systems’ new security architecture.

In an email statement provided by Microsoft to TG Daily, Rich Wickham, director of Games for Windows, said that “the recent claims made about Windows Vista online game compatibility issues have been grossly overstated and in actuality, a fraction of casual games are encountering temporary upgrade issues – a situation we have largely corrected and are committed to fixing within days.”

“For context, of the more than 100 web-based games currently available on MSN Games, only five do not run on Windows Vista as of January 30 and nearly 100% will be fully compatible by week’s end with an update to the Windows Vista installer,” Wickham added.

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