Sony, Nintendo fight over Wii’s position in gaming

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Sony, Nintendo fight over Wii's position in gaming

Culver City (CA) – Responding to high sales figures and consumer frenzy that continue to push the Wii to a “sold out” state in stores around the world, Sony recently said that any comparison between the PS3 and the Wii is invalid.

“Wii could be considered an impulse buy more that anything else, but we believe the PS3 will be the console to attract hardcore, committed gamers, while Wii will do little beyond satisfying new and casual players,” said Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) spokesperson Dave Karraker.

The PS3 was once at a level of hype unlike anything ever seen for a video game console, but once the system was actually released and first impressions from owners criticized the console, consumer interest plummeted, and last-minute before Christmas shipments largely remained on store shelves.

The two are battling to eat into the market share currently held by the Xbox 360, which continues to sell well after 14 months on the market. Nintendo contends it is the only real video game console, because the other two focus more on other media aspects, like music and movies. It is the first console battle where each of the three contenders are wildly different from each other, so predictions about which will win are all across the board.


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