Zune exec steps down

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Zune exec steps down

Redmond (WA) – The man who was at the top of the Zune division of Microsoft has quit, following a massive panning of the iPod competitor, wanting to spend his time on “personal interests” instead.

Bryan Lee, whose official title at Microsoft is corporate vice president for the entertainment and devices division, has handed in his resignation, planning to leave the corporate office for the last time in several weeks.

The Zune debuted with a modicum of interest, grabbing 10.2% share in its MP3 player category. However, the device has since become a faint memory for most general consumers, just three months after it launched.

Microsoft is still estimating a total of one million units to have been shipped by the end of June. Currently, it is available in more retail stores than any other Microsoft product, including stores like Office Max and a few big chain supermarkets.

Lee also had responsibilities in the Xbox and IPTV markets at Microsoft, but after the Zune was announced, that became his primary area of focus. Microsoft has not yet said who will take over his position.