iPod Shuffle gets a refresh

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iPod Shuffle gets a refresh

Cupertino (CA) – If you have been following the announcements of iPods in recent years, then the new Shuffle’s are no surprise to you. Apple is now offering its smallest MP3 player in multiple colors.

Apple’s colorful iPod Shuffle …

Apple has learned its routine how to keep its cash cow fresh over a longer period of time, without updating major technical details. Today it is the entry level iPod Shuffle that receives some color and is now available in pink, green, blue, an exclusive to the Shuffle orange paint job, as well as the previously available grey.

As before, the Shuffle is only available with 1 GB capacity to keep the distance to the iPod nano, which sells with capacities between 2 GB and 8 GB. 1 GB of memory is good for about 240 MP3 songs, according to Apple; battery running time of the device is rated at “up to 12 hours”.

Pricing of the Shuffle remains at $79 and includes earphones as well as a USB dock, which connects to the earphone jack of the player.