Majority of bloggers slam Windows Vista

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Majority of bloggers slam Windows Vista

Culver City (CA) – Vista news is dominating the blogosphere today, but instead of talk about a launch frenzy, there is a considerable amount of negative impressions from bloggers. Some are frustrated with the bumps and kinks that they have encountered or read about from hands-on experience after several hours with the new OS.

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One thing eating up the blog waves today concerns the upgrade-ability and requirements for Vista. Arstechnica , for example, was one of the first of many blogs that gripes about the fact that a pre-existing version of Windows 2000 or XP needs to already be on a PC before an upgrade version of Vista can be installed, even if the user wants a new, clean install of the OS, forcing such a user to buy the full, more expensive version of the software.

ZDNet India has reported that, even if your computer has a “Windows Vista Capable” stamp on it, it may not be able to run Vista, or at least the advertised features of the new OS may not work properly. “If it says (a PC) will run Vista, you still want to think about which features are important, and in talking to a vendor, you want to get an assurance that the unit (you are buying) will, in fact, accomplish those things you want,” analyst Michael Cherry was quoted as saying.

A review from Italian site criticizes Microsoft for an uneven pricing scale for the different versions of Vista, saying the features in Ultimate are not worth $160 over the upgrade version of Home Basic, while talked about the problems he had with some driver-driven devices not being compatible with Vista, effectively making the reviewer’s PC speakers and HP printer obsolete.

Yet another blogger, George Ou from ZDNet’s “Real World IT ” writes on a long list of problems he experienced during the install and afterwards. Ou discovered some problems with video playback and had one heck of a time finding the power save settings.

There are some positive opinions about Vista around the Internet, but most of them seem to be muted. It is hard to find a blogger who appears genuinely excited about Microsoft’s next-gen platform. PC World New Zealand , for example, is optimistic about the gaming power offered by Vista, but concedes that there is no reason to buy the OS now, as virtually no games yet take advantage of the Vista capabilities.

Despite all the problems he had, even Ou had some nice things to say about Vista. “There are still security features like IE7 Protected Mode and UAC which beats having to log out and back in to do any administrative tasks,” said Ou.

Even though Microsoft contends that the launch of the new Vista and Office software is the largest in history, it doesn’t even match its own buzz for other products, like the Xbox 360, and the Vista hype certainly does not add up to what it was like more than 10 years ago, when everyone was clamoring to get Windows 95.


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