N64 makes first post-launch Wii presence with Mario Kart

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N64 makes first post-launch Wii presence with Mario Kart

Redmond (WA) – Mario Kart 64 is among the list of additions to the Wii Virtual Console for today’s new releases, marking the first Nintendo 64 game available for the online store since the console’s debut more than two months ago. Also, rounding out this week’s installment are three Sega Genesis games.

Pushing the number of available games near 50, the Genesis’s Bonanza Bros, Comix Zone, and Gain Ground will complement the new N64 addition, which is the first title from that platform to be released on the Virtual Console since the November 19 launch of the Wii.

The impact of online purchasing on Wii remains limited at this time. The Xbox 360 and PS3 both allow downloading of digital content, including trailers and game demos. Unlike the Xbox Live Arcade and Sony’s e-Distribution Initiative, the only game downloads the Wii has offered to date are vintage console games. The other two have exclusive titles developed specifically for the online download platform, which is an idea that Nintendo is still only speculating.

Mario Kart 64 carries a price of 1000 Wii Points ($10), while the new Genesis games each run for 800 points ($8).


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