"Storm Worm" races across the net

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"Storm Worm" races across the net

Culver City (CA) – A fast spreading Internet Worm has taken advantage of email users’ concern about the recent deadly storm in Europe. The “Storm Worm” has the subject line “230 dead as storm batters Europe” and contains a 30kb attachment that creates a backdoor for further attacks.

The worm started spreading early Thursday and within hours thousands of people received the emails. According to F-Secure, an anti-virus research company, the emails appeared to come from a botnet – a network of computers taken over by hackers.

F-Secure classifies the worm as the Small.DAM Trojan which has appeared before in other email attacks. The attachment is labeled read more.exe.

The real storm left dozens of people dead in Europe. Most of the dead were concentrated in Britain and Germany which were hit with hurricane force winds and rain. In addition, millions were left without power.