Fraunhofer Institute announces MP3 Surround Sound

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Fraunhofer Institute announces MP3 Surround Sound

Munich (Germany) – Streaming surround sound could be just around the corner as the Fraunhofer Institute, known for their MP3 patent, has introduced a surround sound mp3 module. The module compresses music and gives 5.1 channel sound at Internet-friendly bitrates.

At the Midem conference in Cannes France, Fraunhofer is demonstrating a new WinAmp surround mp3 plug-in and a Flash Internet radio program. The plug-in is currently available for download at

According to the Fraunhofer Institute, surround sound mp3 files will be around the same size as current 2-channel stereo MP3s. Songs compressed with the new technology will be backwards compatible with regular mp3 players.


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