Stolen GPS devices make for easy burglary arrest

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Stolen GPS devices make for easy burglary arrest

Lindenhurst (NY) – A trio of thieves who looted GPS systems out of cars in a New York garage had a tough time concealing their location, as the devices led police right to the suspects’ home.

In total, 14 GPS handhelds were taken from the Town of Babylon Public Works parking garage in Lindenhurst, NY. Reportedly, the thieves thought they were stealing cell phones and were not aware that they were actually taking handfuls of the most easily trackable products.

Upon learning of the thefts, it was not long before the police were able to track down the suspect right to his doorstep, where they arrested 46-year-old Kurt Husfeldt of criminal possession of stolen property.

His 13-year-old son, who participated in the crime, was also taken into police custody on charges of grand larceny. Police also found and arrested 20-year-old accomplice Steven Mangiapanella, slapping him with a grand larceny charge as well.

Just over the past year, there have been several GPS thieves, almost all of which have been tracked down. However, because this case involved the theft of systems from government employees and vehicles, and the fact that there were several of the devices, activated, sitting in one place, made it particularly easy for the police to recover the stolen goods.


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