Elder Scrolls Oblivion to get Shivering Isles expansion

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Elder Scrolls Oblivion to get Shivering Isles expansion

Rochville (MD) – Specialty game developer Bethesda Softworks has announced an expansion for its epic PC role-playing game (RPG) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, claiming that it will be available this spring.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Shivering Isles will add a new territory to already massive world of the game, and more than 30 new hours of quests and gameplay, according to Bethesda.

Co-published under the 2K Games label, more than 2.7 million copies of Oblivion have been sold since its release less than a year ago, which includes the simultaneous release for the Xbox 360. The new expansion will be available for the 360 in Spring.

The new realm in the expansion, Sheogorath, will offer the same twisted and overwhelming environment seen in every Elder Scrolls game, says Bethesda, and will be a natural expansion to Oblivion, which already offers dozens of hours worth of game play. “The world we ve created for Shivering Isles is unlike anything you ve seen or played in Oblivion and we can t wait for folks to play it,” said Bethesda president Vlatko Andonov.

No official price has yet been announced, though expansions for previous Elder Scrolls games have typically run for about $20. Shivering Isles is currently slated for a release this spring.


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