Panasonic expected to announce Bluetooth home sound system

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Panasonic expected to announce Bluetooth home sound system

Chicago (IL) – A new product from Panasonic has shown up on the FCC website, describing a home audio system that links up wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. And yes, it does have the option connect directly to your iPod.

By connecting a wireless transmitter to the back of a home theater unit, the wireless sound system SH-FX85 can receive and pump out the audio without any sort of audio cable. For example, users could set up the wireless sound system by itself in another room and be able to hear the audio from the linked device.

It can also connect to other Panasonic wireless accessories, for up to a total of three paired devices over Bluetooth.

It also has an iPod interface to allow for a corded connection to Apple’s MP3 player, as well as another input for additional external devices, which can be played through the system, using it as a standalone audio amplifier.

So far Panasonic has not officially announced the product and there is no indication of a release date or price for the wireless system.