XM nears 8 million subscriber mark

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XM nears 8 million subscriber mark

Washington (DC) – XM Radio today came forth with premliniary details about its Q4 2006 results, as the leading satellite radio service approaches a milestone of eight million subscribers. Additionally, cash flow from operations during Q4 was positive.

XM reported that during the final quarter of last year, it added 442,000 new net subscribers, as part of the 1.695 million new net subscribers in total for the year. That brings the satellite radio’s subscriber base to 7.625 million, still a significant lead over Sirius, which just recently achieved the six million subscriber milestone.

XM has continuously been ahead of Sirius in terms of the number of subscribers, but Sirius has been catching up. The inclusion of Howard Stern, combined with the commercialization of some of the best-known XM channels have caused some XM devotees to jump ship to Sirius, and has helped Sirius differentiate itself.

However, XM is now trying to re-brand itself as an entire in-car “infotainment” company, with personal weather systems and in-car video services to be displayed at CES next week. XM has also been more successful at achieving partnerships with the crucial automobile industry, striking deals with GM, Honda, Suzuki, Toyots, and even Porsche.