Sony, Kodak nix 20-year-old patent dispute

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Sony, Kodak nix 20-year-old patent dispute

Rochester (NY) – Eastman Kodak today announced that it has reached a conclusion in a patent dispute with Sony that dates back to 1987. Under the mutually accepted deal, the two have entered a cross-licensing agreement that gives the two companies access to each other’s patents dealing with digital cameras.

The lawsuit, which was originally filed as a federal claim in New York in 2004, alleged that Sony was infringing on Kodak’s digital camera patents that went as far back as 20 years ago, and included technologies such as digital compression and storage. Sony countersued, alleging patent infringement on Kodak for using additional innovations that Sony patented.

“It made sense to conclude the patent litigation and enter into this broad technology cross-license agreement. It does allow each company broad access to the other’s patent portfolio,” said Kodak spokesperson David Lanzillo.

Kodak said that, as part of the deal, it would receive royalties from Sony, but did not disclose any additional financial details.