Foreign evidence allowed in Intel antitrust case

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Foreign evidence allowed in Intel antitrust case

Santa Clara (CA) – An early preliminary decision in AMD’s antitrust lawsuit against Intel goes in favor of AMD, as the overseer in the first stages of the suit told Intel that it needed to provide information about overseas operations, reports

The judicial figure head, referred to as a special master in the case, gave its official recommendation two weeks ago. Intel responded yesterday, saying it would comply with the recommendation.

“While Intel obviously had hoped for a different outcome regarding discovery, Intel of course will comply with the special master’s decision and will respond to discovery as the special master directs,” said an Intel attorney in a written response to the court.

The case, which is not scheduled to go on trial until April 2009, alleges that rival CPU maker Intel used its monopoly power to keep competitors out of the market. AMD filed the suit in 2005, but has since stolen substantial market share from Intel.

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