Stickam to host online New Year’s Eve party

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Stickam to host online New Year's Eve party

Los Angeles (CA) – Stickam, an online social networking and user video site, will be the host of a global New Year’s Eve party, with live video of the countdowns from areas all over the world.

On tap for the midnight event are live reports from Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas, with international locations including various spots in Russia, Brazil, Japan, and Haiti.

On Sunday, the Stickam page will have a New Year’s Eve simulcast box, which will allow users to check out over a dozen events. There is no fee to join Stickam or to view the live video feeds.

“Stickam is allowing its users to party hop around the globe and hit all the best spots – all without waiting in line or paying a dime. For the first time ever, Stickam is bringing the party to the people and ringing in the future of social networking,” said Stickam executive Scott Flacks.

Though it has yet to earn significant name recognition, Stickam, which is owned by Advanced Video Communication, has tried to set itself apart from the competition by letting users record and stream live video. YouTube and Myspace only permit uploads of videos stored on a user’s hard drive.


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