EA brings Sudoku, Royal Solitaire to iPod

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EA brings Sudoku, Royal Solitaire to iPod

Los Angeles (CA) – Electronic Arts today announced a pair of new games available on iTunes, which can be transferred to a fifth-generation iPod. Owners of the newest line of Apple’s digital media player can now put Sudoku and Royal Solitaire on their iPod.

The two new titles add to EA’s current iPod game selection, which is comprised of Tetris, Mini Golf, and Mahjong, all of which were released around] the launch of the new games store in iTunes 7.0.

EA has a strong hold in the casual gaming market, having published many console and PC games geared at the casual gamer crowd. The software giant also purchased online game site Pogo in 2001. All of EA’s iPod games are available for purchase at a price of $4.99 each.