Jack Tretton to take Kaz Hirai’s former Sony title

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Jack Tretton to take Kaz Hirai's former Sony title

Foster City (CA) – Sony’s big corporate shake-up is one step closer to being finalized, as the electronics giant has announced that Jack Tretton will step up to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) CEO after the former title holder, Kaz Hirai, gets bumped to president of the company’s global entertainment company.

Hirai will take over the position formerly held by Ken Kutaragi, long-time Sony executive and known by many as the father of the Playstation. Kutaragi was asked to step down after he came under attack for the delay and production problems that led to a lackluster PS3 launch.

Broadcast Newsroom reports that Hirai is pleased with his replacement. “Jack has been with SCEA since its formation and helped pilot the debuts of the original PlayStation, PlayStation2, PlayStation Portable and the successful launch of the recently released PlayStation 3. Given his experience and exceptional reputation in the industry, I can think of no better person to assume the helm of the PlayStation brand in the U.S., Canada and Latin America,” said Hirai.

Tretton was formerly the executive VP and co-COO of SCEA.


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