Opera adds phishing filter to browser

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Opera adds phishing filter to browser

Opera has added a phishing filter to warn about fraudulent websites in its newest browser. Upon browsing to a website, Opera 9.1 will check the address against a database of possible scam websites. Fraudulent sites will be marked with a red exclamation point next to the address, while good sites will have a yellow padlock beside the address.

The phishing filter must be turned on by clicking the ‘Fraud Protection’ check-box in the preferences menu. After being enabled, website addresses will be cross-checked against the PhishTank database run by OpenDNS LLC. Four icons will be displayed next to the web address, depending on the status of the website.

Good websites will have an ‘i’ or padlock symbol for verified and verified with HTTPS websites. Possibly fraudulent sites will have a question mark, while known fraud sites will have a red exclamation point.

Opera joins two other popular browsers, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, who have also added their own phishing filters in recent months.


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