Warner Bros. invests in parent company of Eidos

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Warner Bros. invests in parent company of Eidos

Burbank (CA) – Warner Bros. is making its way into the video gaming industry with the purchase of a 10.3% share in SCi, parent company of video game developer Eidos, which is mainly know for its Tomb Raider series.

The agreement results in a cross-licensing agreement, which will enable SCi to get the rights to certain Warner content, including the comic book version of Batman, the Looney Tunes, select titles from the Hanna-Barbera catalog, the OC, Loonatics Unleashed and Legion of Super Heroes. In turn, Warner said that it has secured rights for “selected intellectual properties” and will contract Eidos to develop game titles based on its content.

There is a good chance that you will not only see these games as standalone titles in stores, but as part of premium HD DVD and Blu-ray movie discs as well.