Guild Wars battles its way to three million copies

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Guild Wars battles its way to three million copies

Bellevue (WA) – The PC game Guild Wars, one of NCSoft’s biggest claims to fame, has reached a new milestone, as the game’s publisher today announced that more than three million copies have been sold worldwide.

“Reaching three million units sold in such a short amount of time is absolutely incredible. We couldn’t be prouder of what the team at ArenaNet has accomplished with the Guild Wars games,” said NCSoft’s North American CEO Robert Garriott. The original Guild Wars title was released in the US in April of last year.

The three million units include sales of Guild Wars Nightfall and Guild Wars Factions, which are expansion packs but also include the original game. The online game is one of the most popular in the world. In September 2005, NCSoft reported more than a million active members. Unlike most other massively multiplayer online titles, Guild Wars does not charge a monthly fee to access the online world, which has helped to create a huge userbase.

Like most online games, the world inside Guild Wars is home to several special activities and competitions. Today also marked the announcement of the game’s 2006 Wintersday festival, an in-game holiday celebration that will take place between December 20 and January 1.

NCSoft claims to be the biggest video game publisher dealing exclusively in online PC games, as the name behind other hits like Lineage, City of Heroes, and Tabula Rasa.


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