MLB 07 The Show heading for PS2, PS3, PSP

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MLB 07 The Show heading for PS2, PS3, PSP

Foster City (CA) – Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced details about MLB 07 The Show, the latest game in the company’s MLB series. It will be simultaneously released on all Playstation platforms, namely the PS2, PS3, and PSP.

The new title, which will be available in Spring 2007, adds new game modes to the series, including a new single-player option and for the first time, online league play across all three platforms. It is the successor to MLB 06 The Show, which launched in February on the PS2 and PSP. 07 will be the first in the series for the PS3, which made its official debut last month.

Developed by Sony’s San Diego studio, which handles most of the company’s licensed sports titles, MLB 07 also takes advantage of the PS3’s top technical capabilities by adding more realistic touches, like crowd interaction, fans reaching for foul balls, and significant focus on other ambient elements.

Replays of great plays will also be viewable from 15 different angles, more than any previous baseball game. This hits on Sony’s main drive with the PS3, which is to pump as much realism as possible into the console’s games.

According to Sony, its MLB franchise is the longest running officially licensed baseball series for the Playstation, and the only first-party one that is certified by the Major League Baseball Properties, MLB Advanced Media, and the MLB Players Association.

MLB 07 The Show has not yet been rated by the ESRB. Pricing will vary from $30 – $60, depending on the platform.


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