PS3 rolls out second firmware update as version 1.3

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PS3 rolls out second firmware update as version 1.3

Culver City (CA) – The second update to Sony’s latest console is now available, as the electronics giant continues to bring full support to the PS3 that it originally wanted to have out of the box.

The update, which lets users upgrade their console’s firmware to version 1.3, marks the second update since the PS3 release less than three weeks ago. Version 1.11 was made available immediately upon the console’s launch.

Like the first update, version 1.3 mainly adds basic functionality to the console that Sony likely planned to have in place at the outset. For example, the new firmware allows most USB-powered PS2 controllers and accessories to work on the PS3. Additionally, users can let the PS3 know exactly which video formats their TV supports, and the output will be formatted to the highest supported level.

Other new features in version 1.3 is the ability to choose HDMI as the output source for Blu-ray and DVD video playback, and enabling support for Blu-ray remote controls. Version 1.3 also adds a backup utility to allow users to create a backed up version of all content stored on the console’s hard drive.