Homeowner thrown in jail for noisy cellphone call

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Homeowner thrown in jail for noisy cellphone call

An Eastpointe Michigan woman has been thrown in jail after one of her house guests walked outside to use a cell phone. 23-year-old Carmen Granata was cited for violating the city noise ordnance and was given 30 days in county jail along with two years of probation.

Granata had been throwing a barbecue party last month. Police responded to the area after neighbors called and complained about the noise. While the cops didn’t give any tickets for the party, they did cite Granata after one of her guests stepped out to make a cell phone call at 4 in the morning. According to Granata’s boyfriend, the guest was trying to be courteous to other guests who were sleeping inside. The yakking guest was not cited.

A judge gave Granata thirty days in jail after she pled guilty to the citation. Apparently the judge wasn’t completely heartless and is letting her serve the time after she gets off work each day. Granata’s probation terms also require her to receive approval from her neighbors for any future parties.