Japan wants strict Youtube video screening

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Japan wants strict Youtube video screening

Tokyo (Japan) – Universal, NBC, and other entertainment companies are increasingly upset about Youtube’s potential for copyright infringement. Japan is getting in on the act, too, asking for much stricter uploading and screening processes.

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (Jasrac) sent letters both by e-mail and regular mail to the Youtube co-founders, on behalf of 23 Japanese companies including movie studios, record labels, and TV stations.

Currently, Youtube allows user videos to be posted online immediately, and if someone flags it for copyright infringement, or any other violation, it can be pulled. Jasrac wants every video to go through a preliminary screening before they are able to be viewed by other users.

The group also wants the site to have a notice written in Japanese, telling users not to post copyrighted content. They have demanded a response from Youtube by no later than December 15.

To accommodate the requests of US media companies, Youtube has set up an audio recognition system that can better spot copyrighted material automatically. The site also has struck licensing deals with CBS, Warner Music, Universal Music, and Sony BMG.